Saturday, July 30, 2011


My sis watching this and I was really suprised that CLAMP created a new anime. I recall Kobato as a recent one and then came XXXHolic rou but this new one called 'Blood-C' is very interesting. It reminds me of Blood+ or some other anime, which I can't remeber the name to, though but just a bit.

The story is about this girl named Kisaragi Saya who is a very skilled swordslady and is a demon excorcist but by night. During the day, shes's a clutzy yet very positive girl. Her personality along with the other characters in the anime are very reflective on CLAMP's traits and story style.

I look foreward to watching this anime, which has very recently started to air.

JoJo - SHINee

Yeah, its supposedly and older song but I only recently heard it and liked it. The chorus part sorta reminds me of those older Vietnemese song styles that I listened to when I was young.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lucifer - SHINee

Man, after hearing 'Ring Ding Dong', I've sorta now started getting into SHINee. I've even started watching the 'Hello Baby' drama thing with them.

Anyways, this song, 'Lucifer', has me really dancin to it.
The song is pretty catchy. Even looking at the music clip, I can't make out who' who anymore, well maybe two or three (Minho, Key and Jonghyun). Minho was a little hard to spot since he got his hair cut!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mahou shoujo Madoka OST 2

YES, its out today! Gota start watching it.
I really like music and OST's created by Yuki Kadjiura.

*Not cover to OST2

Link for a torrent download:

Most likely will be realeased on Megaupload,  Mediafire and other downloading hosts in future. This post takes place on release date of OST2, 27th July, 2011.

Enjoy! :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

BEAST - Japanese music

Another korean band (called BEAST) with this Jap song called 'Bad Girl'.


SHINee - Japanese song

YES, SHINee does Jap songs too!

Title: Replay

Japanese version of Replay...I think... Enjoy anyways!

Big Bang - Japanese songs

My first Korean music post was on Big Bang with Haru Haru.

I decided to see what other new songs they've recently decided to release. And who would've guessed that they did Japanese songs too, like 2PM with Take Off.

This one is called '声おきかせて'(koe o kikasete).

This one is called 'ガラガラ Go' (gara gara GO).

One of the many things that make korean music popular in Japan.

Ring Ding Dong - SHINee

Getting back into Korean pop for a bit after having found out that 2PM, that did 1st ed for Ao no excorcist, was a Korean band.

I got this particular song stuck in my head called 'Ring Ding Dong' from a band called SHINee.

My sis hates the song but I sorta like it.

SHINee seems to be very popular as my friend Bubble likes the (has a poster of it) and there music is very...can't put my finger on it but awsome.

I sorta got wind of this band (not because of Bubble's poster) because I happen to see this live Korean comedy drama thing that my sister was watching called 'SHINee's Hi bi', where the band decide to or have to (?) watch over a baby.

Link to eps:

I've only seen some parts but it is hillarious.

Anyways, enjoy!

Take Off - Ao no excorcist ed suprise

Wa hoooo! I've managed to reachup to over 11 posts.

Anyways, I'm currently into Ao no excorcist (its awsome) and I really like the second ed (wired life). I also like the first ed (Take off by 2PM) but I haven't really checked out the pv to it yet until today, where I have discovered something I've been oblivious to for sometime now.

Now, for starters, look closely at the anime ed (especially around whne the chorus of the song hits) and notice how the characters are somewhat dancing.

Now look at the Pv for 'Take Off' by 2PM.

 The dance moves when the chorus hits in this pv are the same!!!

Really, was I that dense to notice that????

Also, just found out that 2PM is a Korean band! Wow!
( and look under '2010 Present)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

バジルの誕生日 - Happy B'day, Basilicum

Happy Birthday to Basil from KHR!   (23rd July)
I think his hair needs a bit more volume!

This is my B'day present to him! XD!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Air Gear OVA - Break the sky - Fin

Alright, today I managed to watch the third OVA to Air gear.

MAN it was hilarious!

The episode obviously ends with Kogarasumaru winning but there's a bit of romance revealed.

Who knew Yayoi (who tunes Agito/Akito's air treks) liked Agito. XD

Anyways, thanks to Yayoi's tuning, the team get a huge advantage and Agito is revived along with a new fang.

He looks soooooo HOT like that!

The new fangs, "Bloody Blade Fang".

Anyways, how is it hilarious? I think Onigiri really plays a real decent role in this OVA.


In this scene, the enemy attempts an ultimate attack on Ikki but hell, where the hell did Onigiri come from?? The enemy some how babbles about his attack being some butterfly being caught and who would've guessed that the butterfly was that while the fly (Ikki in the bottom right corner) gets away.

And how about a bit of romance?

Why is she naked???

This scene is from Yayoi's memory flash back of a summer camp the group went on. Agito is caught in a battle and then Yayoi does something stupid and gets caught in an enemy's attack along with Agito. This is an end result.

 But then again, I don't think Agito feels the same way Yayoi does. This is my interpreation.

After Agito rescues Yayoi, she's knocked out. Agito then tries to attemp mouth-to-mouth but without the idea of kissing her. Thus hence the odd method of mouth-to-mouth you see with a bamboo pipe.

I enjoyed watching it. I hope will too!

Info on the previous OVA's can be read here.

魔法少女まどか間儀か - Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 

I'll admit that I don't have a particular liking for anime with drawings like this! But this particular anime has sorta gotten to me. I even bought badges at SMASH with this anime topic without realising it.

During my weekend at SMASH, I over heard some of my friends talking about this particular anime topic but I was unphased to listen since I still felt like I was on the train (dizzyness).
On my way home (on the bus back to Canberra), I was sitting next to a new friend, I made at SMASH, and she had pulled out her laptop and started watching an anime series which she had downloaded. I couldn't help being drawn to watching it since the ride home was boring. That series turned out to be Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. 

I assumed that the anime would be are colourful and pretty but no. Its actually fairly dark. I also recall downloading the ed song to it since it was done by Kalifina (a project of Yuki Kadjiura's) but who would've guessed that the OST was done by Yuki Kadjiura too.

Ahhhh.... now I want to try the anime out.

I won't try and explain what its really about since I'm sorta out of right now (like about pass out on the floor) but I'll leave it up to you to read about it on Wiki. Sorry.

More Animedia Scans to share


Ahem, just a little notice.

Anyways, I was quite excited to flip through the new animedia issues I had recently got over my SMASH weekend. I just had to share some of the pages. This one is from the July issue. August's cover was posted up under 'Sacred 7 - Animedia'.

K-on. Was on teh back of the cover.

Hetalia Axis powers - For my friends who are a huge fan of this series.

Code Geass is still sure popular. Can't wait for the Gaiden series to come out.

The magazine was celebrating the half-way mark of the year and it came with this extra booklet that contained the magazine's history. I was pretty amazed to see what the covers were like in 1996.

I think the cover needs a bit more....designing???

Alright, covers for 2010.

If you look closely, there may be a sort of funny distortion in some of the scans. This was because I used a 'Stich-assist' ,in the program that my scanner came with, allowing me to stick two scans to create an image. Animedia pages are not A4 so... yeah. I hope you enjoy these ones. I'll try uploading a bigger file version onto Zerochan, since Minitokyo is picky with the quality of scans.

Anyways enjoy.

Sacred 7 - Animedia

*Personal scan!

This scan is the cover to Animedia issue August 2011.
Why did I upload it?
To share of course. (please don't upload it anywhere else without my permission)

Anyways, I just recently got into this anime named 'Sacred seven' after having taken a liking to the cover of this animedia issue, which I bought during my SMASH weekend.

Though, when I look closely at it, the art work seems a little familiar, much like that to Code geass, which it is.

I did a little research on Sacred seven at it does pretty much prove its' self to be from the creators and anime artists/producers of Code Geass. But having watched the first episode, I get a feeling that the storyline might be a tad bit like code geass too. But not the music(?). The op and ed are sung by artists of the FictionJunction project, which Yuki Kadjiura (Has beautiful music and OST productions such as from Tsubasa, Madlax and Le petit Cosette). I can't wait for them to be released.

Well, I'll just have to watch, wait and see.

Macarons for the weekend

I'm bragging again! But I just can't help it when I successfully make another macaron batch with feet.

This time, I made this batch with 3 eggwhites. Yahoooo, no wastage.

They had very high feet.

They were hazelnut choc macarons with a hazelnut choc mouse filling (with real hazelnut bits). I made them as gifts for my friends.
The filling was meant to be a ganauche but I think I sterred the ganauche a little to fast.

Creative! - Lacy stickers

My nails have strengthened again so that means I can decorate them again.

I didn't hand design them this time. I instead decided to use some of my nail-sticker art, which I have a huge collection of.

I'm somewhat obsessed with them and find it really hard to make use of them since I don't want to 'waste' them.

Anyways, this is what I came up with. Very simple, hey? But the design is cute. : D

My First Anime Convention - SMASH!

 Alright, my first anime convention.

It was so much fun and I also made new friends along the way too.

The anime convention I went to was called SMASH (Sydney Manga and Anime show). I've sorta dodged them because A. they're expensive & B. too far away to go to. But some friends recommended it so thus I went.
It was gloomy but it brightened up during noon.

It was held along Darling habour.
Tickets were $25 if booked early and online otherwise $30 at the door.

The pass to say that I've paid. A very memoriable keepsake.

Anyways, many of us (me and friends) were fairly or very sleep deprived. This was because there were costumes being finalised in the last minute and due to the fact that some of us were holding a artist table or stall at the convention (I wasn't part), last minute organaizing was done too!

I had a costume already laid out and ready to go but I volenteered to stay up with them and to help them out. We all had to get up really early (like around 5.30 am) since we had to catch a train and then my friends had to go and set up. Most of us got to bed around 3.30am or later.

Oh, forgot to mention that I had left the wig for my cosplay in my luggage at a friends place. Bubble's place to be frank. The initial plan was to finish off the costumes at another friends place and then I would head back Bubble's (a friend I tagged along with) place with her to stay the night but we ended up staying at that friend place. Bubble's mom was kind enough to drop by with our luggage so we could grab what we would need for the night and for the day of the convention.
I just grabbed my cosplay costume, toothbrush, cleanser, makeup and some other small essentials. I could've taken my whole luggage but I didn't want to lug around with it to the conventions, hence it being dropped off at Bubble's place. I also forgot the wig because I was rushing to grab what I needed from my luggage.

Moving on, we get up and go! Exhausted, we managed to pull through the day. I sorta felt dizzy throughout the day since I had very little to eat throughtout the morning (when helping friends with their costumes), was somewhat sleep deprived and the fact that we caught a old rackety and bumpy train ride to Darling Harbour.

Kurimja, (who was holding a table) offered for us to leave our stuff at her table. She's sooooo nice. She even offered me her breakfast when she could tell that I wasn't feeling to good. Of course I had to buy her back her breakfast later, which was in the form of a late lunch.

Kurimja is very talented. How I envy her but I've also seen so many other talented people at this convention, so much so that its somehow inspiring me to try out C.G a bit more.

*Bubble and Kurimja are user names that some of my friends go by.

So talented. The second one, she's also a mangaka and had her own stall.

The convention was very spacious and there were other events taking place on the other floors of the convention. I sorta stuck on the level Kurimja was on since I wasn't feeling too well. I just sat around her table and went for walks around the area.

There was also a Gundam model exhibition. I read on the program guide that there were free gundam making classes and kits on another level of the convention.

There were sooooo many cosplayers there. Vocaloid, Hetalia Axis powers and Kuroshitsuji along with Naruto and bleach were popular.

Cosplayers cosplaying 'Karakuri Burst' (Vocaloid) (left) and my friend Bubble on the left.
Some of us were very excited having come across these cosplayers. They've become Bubble's friends on Facebook.

Bubble & Kurimja. They're cosplaying 'Canterella' from Vocaloid.

Some of my friends decided to cosplay 'Canterella'. I stayed up helping to fix up Bubble's jacket. I also helped a bit with the other friend (the one I spent the night over at) with her costume which was Miku's dress in 'Canterella'. It looked very pretty. I'm starting to envy my friends and the cosplaying abilities since most of their costumes are made from scratch. But its also encouraging.

Anyways, I also bought some stuff at the convention.

Pandora hearts. It looks soooo official.

Prints are fairly expensive to buy but I couldn't resist buying this one on Yugioh. Soooooo adorable.
Yugioh is what got me into anime and drawing manga in the first place.

FMA, Durarara & OHHC stcikers.

 Prints were a main type being sold. Mostly in the forms of posters up to A3 and some in the form of bookmarks and postcards. There were some in the form of stickers too. What's being sold at these tables are printed fanarts which are done very well.

Vocaloid & KHR keyrings (?).

While browsing around, I came across a few stores that sold keyrings and phone charms as a merchandise. These one's I bought for around $13 altogether but they were too cute to resist. Hibari is my fav and he also sold out quickly.
Vocaloid, Durarara & KHR.

Pandora Hearts 

Vocaloid and Mahou Shoujo Madoka. 

Badges weren't of interest to me for a long time but now I've really takken a liking to them (anime and manga realted ones). They're soooo cute. I could easily make them if I wanted too but I'm a bit lazy. These ones I bought go really well with this bag I bought from Kmart for like $9. Now I'm gonna be hunting for bags of this style, that way I can buy and stick more badges on.

Ahhhhhh..... soooo much typing. Your probably still wondering as to what I cosplayed as.
Here is your answer.

I cosplayed as Basil from KHR and it took me a week to make the props. All hand made except for the shoes, which I painted.
Man, I just had to forget the wig!!! But I still dressed basil with black hair....but people still took pictures of meeeeeeeee.... yay! I was soooooo happy when they asked me for a picture.

These are my props:

I didn't take many pictures myself....feeling exhausted and all..... but next time I'm definately going and I'll be posing more than just saying 'Cheese' infront of the camera. I'm still thinking if I should cosplay again??? hmmm...

But I know that I'll be cosplaying again when I attend the Multi-cultural festival at my college and I'll be going as Basil again AND with the wig.

Anyways...... thanks for reading. : D

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My weekend for SMASH - Epilogue


Its been a fair while since I updated my blog, I know (*scratches head*).

Its just that I've been pretty busy with getting ready for SMASH and seeing it is my first time, I want to be sure everything is somewhat perfect.

Anyways, having returned from Sydney, I've had quite a dizzy spell (since sunday) which I think is still being caused by the rackety old trains I travelled on and the sleep deprivation on the night before the SMASH but I'll talk about that in the post about SMASH.

I definately come home to my cosy bed and along with some cool stuff. Like this jewlry hanger which I got from Morning Glory in Sydney's China Town. Everything was on sale with prices slashed at 50%.

I have 2 but I just had to get this one. IT WAS PRETTY.

I also went to Kinokunia and I got these.

I really love this particular anime magazine from Japan. (Animedia). The extras below the magazines were part of the magazine.

Most of my money was spent on the convention but also on food. (I'm such a glutton).

Oh yeah, recall my anime paper post and this pic?

The figurines of Lavi and Allen usually sit like that on my shelf but something mysterious happened whilst being away for the weekend. (OK, Its not that mysterious since I can guess that my mom has been in my room just to do a little dust cleaning.)

To my suprise I find them posed like this:

(*practically blushing*)
LAVEN! YAOI! (きやああああああああああ)XD

Ahem... look foreward to the next couple of posts which are realted to this one.

Thanks for reading my babble. ;)

*SMASH is an anime convention in Sydney

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vocaloid - ACUTE & ReACT

I happen to come across these when I was wasting away my time on the net (VERY BAD)!
I sorta got into Vocaloid again since I was looking for more music. I was looking into Gumi Megpoid when I came across ACUTE. Then an hour later, I found out about ReACT.

I found out about ReACT from this pic on Zerochan.

Ok, ACUTE and ReACT are songs but also very similar sad stories. What suprised my about them was the fact that these two were linked stories, even though they are similar, as ReACT is a sequal or continuation of the story told in ACUTE.

What's the story?

The story, in ACUTE, tells of a tragic conclusion to a muddled love triangle between the (featuring) characters KAITO, Miku Hatsune and Megurine Luka. The Story storta starts off with KAITO being in love Miku. Luka is Miku's best friend. Later on, KAITO sorta realises he loves Luka more than Miku. Miku is upset but can't bring herself to get revenge upon KAITO or Luka since she loves them both, so to escape that pain, she commits suicde, and infront of KAITO and Luka (I think).

I came across ACUTE with this Project Diva ver. of ACUTE. I really like it. Though try reading the comments under this video. You'll find it quite amusing.
The ending to this version is quite different as well, ending with Miku illing KAITO and then herself.

Oringinal video to ACUTE. I just love the song.

...Story Continued...
Then, in ReACT, it sorta repeats the event in ACUTE but features characters' Rin & Len Kagamine along with Miku again. In ReACT, Miku's attempt at suicide fails so she is depicted in a hospital. She meets Len and they sorta become friendly. Len loves Rin but having met Miku and gotten to know her, Rin becomes a little jealous. Rin is or has also become friends with Miku. Len then realises the he's inlove with Miku mor than Rin, which then leads Rin to 'React' the role that Miku played out in ACUTE. Though the ending is different by having Miku prevent Rin from doing what she did and ends up killing her self (Miku) to keep Rin and Len happy.

Oringinal video to React. The song has a similar tune to ACUTE in the begining but the overall song has a different tone.

Mp3 to ReACT:

Ahhhhh.... so tragic and sad, especially poor Miku being the victim to death.
I've sorta noticed that many stories done by or told in the Vocaloid songs, seem somewhat sad, scary or tragic. hmmmmmm.....!

P.S.I got the story line from the interpreation comments under the videos posted up here.

I hope you enjoy it.

Yahooooooo! My Macarons have FEET! - AGAIN!!!

Man, This was meant to be posted on the 30th of June but for some apparent reason, blogger was down.

Anyways, after having achieved feet on my 8th attempt, my 9th, 10th and 11th attempt went downhill and I had no ideas as to why. But I've been successul again and its my 12th attempt.

I used jam for the filling. Yes it was very sweet. My ganache for them, for some apparent reason, turned into a chocolate ball. : (

Seeing these little beauties rise made me jump for for sure!

Anyways, I sorta figured out another reason as to why my 9th, 10th and 11th attempt failed.

The reason was the amount of eggwhite. I always believed that each egg white would weigh around 35g or more so I would ignore weighing them. This was definately my fault! So in this 12th attemp, I weighed the eggwhite and they were actually less than the recommended amount from the recipes. Recipes call for egg whites of 35g or more. Mine were below it with the least at 30g.
How my macarons were failing was because there was more dry indredients than wet (more sugar icing sugar and almond meal than egg white) and the drying process was taking longer because the macaron mixture was too thick.

So in this attempt, I reduced the dry ingredients. I reduced them by 4g to 5g  and even 6g or 7g for the sugars.

They dried pretty well withing 30-35 minutes.

The recipe I've been following for these attempts come from a 1 egg white recipe found on Macaron Fetish.  

I hope this really helps you as it has for me.