Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Drawing! pt.5

.................And I was bored!

I did this yesturday in "Paint"! (the one found under (All) Programs > Accessories > Paint in Windows)
Thus hence the pixelation!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Air Gear - Surprising secret of and FOR Agito/ Akito

YES, this is a SPOILER!

Agito and Akito being my favourite charcter(s), reading into chapters 300 and onwards, you, just as I did, will find out that Kaito (Agito/Akito's bro) is actually Agito/Akito's father!!!!!!

Yeah.... I feel the same way Agito does! Despite being a big shock.

Another bit of a surprise would have to be Agito/Akito's third personality named Lind.
Lind is supposedly the persona of Gazelle.

You sorta have to read from chapter 290 and on wards for more detail, which includes who the mother is:

Which she is named Gazelle.
Yeah, she really does look like Akito/Agito.

Ok, not spilling anymore beans for the time being.


Air Gear OVA - Break the sky

All right, hyped up again, today I watched Air gear OVA 2. OVA 1 I found interesting but OVA 2 hits it and I cannot WAIT for OVA 3 to come out, which is in June.

Its been a fair while since I did any anime related review or something like that.


Just incase you get this OVA confused with the one which was with the Potemkin team, the OVA I'm refering to is Air Gear: Break the sky.

My favourite character(s) would have to be Agito and Akito. Soooooo cute!  >_<!

Anyways, OVA 2 will continue in OVA 3. Over these two episodes, Kagurasumaru takes on a battle in a 'Virtual' world, where they verse the ORIGINAL Sleeping Forest.

Whilst watching it, I sorta discovered that Kilik:

who is part to the original Sleeping Forest, is also Simca's twin sibling. Though they don't look alike in my opinion!

Its sorta cute how he, along with Sora, have a crush on Ikki's older sis, Rika.

OVA 1 covers chapters before 170 while OVA 2&3 covers chapters 209 to 226.

Enjoy and watch the rest for more detail.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Hunt For Macarons is ON!!!! - Canberra pt3

YAY! ^_^ ---------- (slump and hits ground).

My Macaron hunt continues but the cold seems to be making it slightly difficult.
I've managed to locate another 5 places that sell Macarons.

1. Guru Coffee in Woden. They don't look very pretty but I haven't a clue as to taste and sold at $2.70 a piece. Though I don't know if they ar still doing so....hmmmmm.

2.  Scrumptious Patisserie in the Tuggeranong Hyperdome - currently looking for a new supplier.

The two above arn't very promissing but the next three are.

3. Beppe's Tuscan Kitchen at Belconnen fresh food markets - $3.80 each a Macaron piece but the are cute and the place is somewhat cosy. : )
They get their macarons from a distributer but I don't know which one and its deinately not the Flute, Croissant D'or or the one from the Farmers Market. But they taste great!
4. The Wine and Cheese Providore in Manuka (20 Flinders Way Shop 20 The Terrace, Manuka ACT ) - The place is pretty neat and the stuff sold there is too. Sorta organic and authentic you could say. The Macarons are sold at $3.80 a piece.

5. Kindle in the City (shop 10, 240 City walk) -  This cute little cafe is tucked awa inside a building. Its small, cosy and very inviting with friendly staff. The Macarons are sold at $3 there but they also have other cute little cakes there.

Cosy! =_=

The arrow indicates where it is and where to go.

Places number 4 and 5 get there Macarons supplied from the same one from the farmers market (which I mentioned about here).

Appologies for the unlively blog but for some reason I don't feel very energetic.
Thanks for reading though. : )

City Cupcakes

Not that I'm into cupcakes alot, this place has pretty and cute tantalizing treats at $3 or $4. The place has coffee too. I just love the frosting. Doesn't anyone like frosting or what?! ^_^.

Located near the fountain, around City Walk.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Macarons from ' Bean in the City'

From this post, 'Bean in the City' was making the macarons themselves.

I had been meaning to get my hands on some but they were real popular and sold out quick by the time I would get there. Plus the owner made them on certain days.

So, I asked him to put some on hold, which he kindly did.

When I went to pick them up, I was expecting the price to be around $3 or so (not to sure really) but he was soooo kind that he gave me 3 hand made macarons for $4. The macarons he made were very cute (despite being colourless) and tasted really good!

So cute and the chocolate ganache was very nice.

I wanna try them some time again. That place is awsome and the people are too! : )

Fruit Rock Candy

My work place (Manuka Downtown Milkbar and coffee lounge) started selling these gorgeous little sweets and the packaging was cute too. I just had to get my hands on some and they are tasty.

These kind of sweets have been around for a while as I had spotted some in Sydney a few years back (not the same brand though) but nothing beats the classic hard candy and especially when its fruit flavoured, which this brand has done.

The brand is called Candy Addictions.

The pack is a mix of 15 different flavours and blueberry + mango are my fav.

These flavours include:
















Lighting was bad for taking the photos as it was such a gloomy day. Cold too!

If your lucky enough to come by the brand, go for it and try! They're pretty tasty and cute.

Anime Paper craft

Paper has so many purposes! The form it comes in is irrelivent!
Its Amazing what you can do with it!

I just love being creative! I found out about this stuff like 2 years ago. You can easily download and print them. Watch out for the 3D types and they are tedious. Some require assistance from a program called Pepakura Designer.

 Lavi is my fav! >_<

 + origami with P-chan

Taken with my phone, MOKONA is one of those tedious 3D paper toys but he turned out pretty cute! I might attempt the black one too!

Enjoy these anime paper craft/toys. : )

Drawing! - Found and coloured!

Exam comming up so haven't posted for a while now.

But, while "Spring" (its autumn!) cleaning through my USB of college stuff, I found these.

 I did these in Flash.

yeah... these pics were drawn when I was in high school. So compared to the ones I do nowadays, the proportioning is a bit of with these ones.

yep... I liked the first illustration's coloured result that I played with him in Flash hence the coloured variations of him. 

In high school I used CS3 but this one below in done in CS5, as I started to play with his looks again. The pic also demonstrates (yes, very unclearly) how I do the eyes in Flash.

Coloured illustration (parts) from a 'personal project' I did in high school with a friend.

Enjoy anyways.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vocaloid! - Yondere XD!

Here are a few more examples of the Vocaloid "Yandere" theme.

Luka Megurine & Miku Hatsune - Kagome Kagome
Vocaloid - Alice Human Sacrifice (no translation) (With eng sub)

Kagome Kagome
(A type of ring-around-a-rosie game played by Japanese Children.
Try reading the comments under the Kagome Kagome video.)


Less creepy or not at all:
 Daughter of Evil - Rin Kagamine
Servent of Evil - Len Kagamine
Trick or Treat - Rin & Len Kagamine (KHR ver with Chrome & Mukuro) (Kyaaaa! XD)

Enjoy! :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vocaloid! - Gaming Level!

Right! I've sorta started to lose interest in Vocaloid but just a bit! A BIT!

I promised last month that I would write up another big article on my vocaloid findings so here I go!

To start, heard of  "Yandere". Apparently its a 'style', 'tone' or perhaps 'version' (?) on some songs and is 'creepy'. Miku Hatsune's 'Saw and Pendulum' is an example. Also is a theme depicted with blood.


Next up, have I mentioned "Miku Miku Dance" before?

Just in case, "Miku Miku Dance" is a program that allows you to animate the actions of premade Vocaloid Characters. Many examples can be found over Youtube and some are fairly hilarious. "Miku Miku Dance" not only allows you to animate Vocaloid Characters but also other anime characters as well.

Here is one. Don't ask about the dubbing!

I recall mentioning about new ones being realeased in my first Vocaloid post. These are reffering to the append versions. So far there in Miku Hatsune and Rin/Len Kagamine.


Now this one will really excite! Even Better than 'Miku Miku Dance'!

Its called "Project Diva". Dont' really remember comming across it exept for looking up other Vocaloid videos on youtube but it definately caught my eye with this video.

That was just a promo video but here is a full version. Apparently its an opening.

Ok, so what it "Project Diva"?

"Project Diva" is a Vocaloid PSP game, which, from what I've seen in some examples, is similar to 'Guitar Hero'.

There are several levels and may depend on the inbuilt songs chosen. It features Vocaloid series 2 characters (Miku, Megurine, Rin and Len) along with other characters such as Kaito and Meiko (from the first Vocaloid Series), Akita Neru and Yowane Haku.

The characters are playable but some may need to be unlocked.

Here is an example of the game play using "The Disappearence of Miku Hatsune".
And this one is a somewhat like a walk through to the layout and aspects of the game. Its awsome! >_<!

Another awsome topic is that Vocaloid has been incorporated into 'gaming' aspects like FF (Final Fantasy) hence this video of  'Corruption Garden' by Megurine Luka. Though I've no clues as to what game its linked to or animation.

So 3D! Pretty Cool!

Next up is AVtechNO (Youtube).

I came across his work when I happen to come across this song called 'Free' by Megurine Luka ft. Len Kagamine.

I love the song and have been listening to it for 3 weeks now. Its so catchy and I love the techno part done by AvtechNo. Its in english but the chorus is in Japanese, which is sung by Len. If you look at the lyrics, the song sorta holds true meaning, in a funny way.


Phew. Alot I must say! Though, to help ease the reading, I tried applying these:
to break up the topics into sections. I might try applying them more often.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed reading this. : )