Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tokyopop is closing down!


its not true! It can't be true and I refuse to accept that fact! I've still got vol.6 of Alice in the country of hearts to collect!

You can't access its official site and apparently they won't be printing any more! so you either get the books now or have a hard time tracking down the title.

I wonder who's gonna licence those titles now?

Drawing! pt.4

More drawings. And they were inspired by Vocaloid!


Rin Kagamine - Tengaku


Next month, I plan to post a large 'post' that compiles all the new and cool findings I've come across on Vocaloid over April!

Until then enjoy these pics and if you ever want to look at the larger original, just email me! :) 

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Hunt For Macarons is ON!!!! - Canberra pt 2

I know its been quite a while!

I did say that in my first macaron post about where the macarons from 'Bean in the city' came from and I visited the place! The Epic Markets.

I've been meaning to post up my review on it but I've been fairly busy and sorta forgetful. My camera SD card is packed with pics so I'd never notice it until I do a good sorting.

My visit to the Epic markets was intriguing. I really like food so its good place for those with an apitite.
The place was fairly large so I'd expect to run across the stall at some point but supprisingly, I came across the stall after having a look at one or two stalls.

The macarons definately taste just as I described them in my first macaron post.

And here are some pics of the macrons I bought home with me.

The stall sold them for $2.50 a piece or a 6 pack for $15 (that include a gift box). They even sold miniture bite sized ones too at $1 a piece.

The flavours here were rasberry (pink), pino-colada or pinapple and coconut (white), salted caramel (brownish golden) and passionfruit (yellow).

My favourites are the passionfruit andsalted caramel.

Photography wasn't too bad. Light in the house wasn't as bright but, hey, I got the flash workin! heh heh!

The stand had some of its company business cards, brochures on display so I took one of each.

The pricing is not too bad I'd say. Opinion may vary. They are O'So yummy!

Thanks for reading and appolgies for taking so long to post this up for interested readers. ;)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Creative! - De stijl

Got creative over the weekend and designed this.

It looks tricky but its not too difficult.

They do look a bit messy but that was because I was rushing it.

Start out by drawing out the black lines. Then add 2 colours. Go over black lines a bit again with black. Then apply the red and finish with some clear coating or colour seal. Optional: add some yellow (used gold) after the red. 

Oh yes, I used fine brushes for this. You can by nail art brushes nowadays but if you can't find them, use fine paintbrushs as a substitute and cleaning them with nail polish remover after usage.


Its inpired by De Stijl, an art movement of the 1900's and began in 1917.

Drawing! pt.3

I'm totally K.O.'d and I don't wanna think nor talk about it!

Anyways, to releive that little bit of anger.... decided to share this sketch I did months ago.

I' don't have the original anymore because I drew this for a friend's B'day present... but yeah... enjoy.

Lavi from D.gray-man.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Drawing! pt.2

This is for the new friends I've met and made at uni just this week (20th April, 2011)!

They're older works though. ごめなさいよ ! (I'm soooo sorry)

These just happened to be scanned on my comp already.

These pics were drawn for a assignment I had to do when I was in College.

And this one is for you, Gorden Lau! ^_^

Just thought they could be of reference, even though you've seen them already.
I sketched these for the sake of keeping my skills sharp, so they're like a practice for me.

Keep drawing. Just let me know if you need any tips. :) 

For others, same sorta rule applies if you would like a larger verison of my drawings.

みんなさん, Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

KHR Fanart translation.

*too see a larger version, use the link provided.

If you KHR fans out there have seen this fanart around and cannot read the Kanji/Hirogana on it, it basically tranlates to how the characters would call Tsuna.

  • Next to Haru - Tsuna san
  • Next to Kyoko - Tsuna Kun
  • Next to Gokudera - Juudaime
  • Next to Hibari - I'll bite you to death
  • Next to Chrome - B,Boss
  • Next to spanner - Vongola
.... and you guys can basically figure out the rest since you've watched it. :)

The Previous Vongola bosses!

I happen to come across this pic while I looking for KHR pics on zero chan!

I thought it was very intriguing and the artwork was good too, so I decided to visit the artist's link prvided on the drawing!

*note that the guy being pulverised is Mukuro!
(And I'm a Mukuro fan too! Damn it hurts me to see that! plus what's up with Vocaloid? (Love is war refers to a song sung by Vocaloid). How does it even fit in with the image?)

Thats when I came across this awsome comic on the site.

LOL! I totally applaude the artist!

I've never come across the vongola bosses until now! The english is off though but it's still understandable.

Enjoy since I felt like sharing it!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Trying my best at keeping my blog updated with goodies!

Here is one! Its one of my personal drawings! Its my talent and favourite hobby!

This one was a while back (maybe last year). I'll try and release some of my latest drawings but for the time being...
If you'd like a better and bigger version, just email me a request!

I'm sorta concious about people who 'steal' and rename it to be their own work.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Vocaloid! - Actual singers?

Vocaloid is really getting to me!

Today, I just found out from a friend of mine, that there are also real life Vocaloids!

And here I thought it was just contributing Jap singers' voices. (e.g. Piko)

But they give them selves made names and made characters (not fan made based ones).

Examples include Nero, Clear, Faneru and Gero. And many more out there.

Fuaneru & Gero -

Sekihan -

Gurutamin (top left), Nero (top right), Yuu (bottom right) and Amu (bottom left) -
They have really good voices (I'm not so sure about Fuaneru and Gero) . Most of them are male (and they're hot too) but there are some females as well such as Wotamin.

Clear x Wotamin - 

Some of the clips that are sung with the male singers tend to depict yayoi.

These 'Vocaloids' go by Nico Nico Singers or Nico Nico Douga.

The Nico Nico part reminded me of this site which I would download some of the Vocaloid songs from. I think it was called Nico video, a Japanese version of youtube. Apparently, most of the videos of Vocaloid seen on Youtube come from that site.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I can't help it if I'm a girl!

I'm attracted to lots of pretty things! I also like to fond over cosmetics and beauty!

I especially love to do my nails. My nails are natural. I don't like the acrylics stuff, even though they look pretty. But I like to draw on the designs. Here are 2 examples I've recently done. Its sorta time consuming to do and finding a time to do it is not easy since I'm always tired.

These are design I've sorta thought up. Just wanted to share them.

First one relies on criss-crossing lines. I've even drawn out the basis of the design if you would like to use it.

This one is a bit easier but you need a fine-brush. There are nail polishes out there with fine brushes or are in pen form now that allow you to design your nails. Pen based ones are the best for french manicures.

Now this on below is a bit more trickier. I've used 5 colours. There are alot of strokes to it.

I also cut my nails before I did the design. The positioning of the design was inspired by those 'lace' nail stickers.

If you would like any tips or need a bit of assistance, don't hesitate to contact me. You can find my email under my profile.

Have fun doing them and I'll come up with a few more designs when I get the chance.

Ooooh... Pretty... :o

I just happend to find this little fella staring at me from the kitchen window!

I decided to grab the camera, run outside and take a few shots of him before he flew away.