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Saturday, August 27, 2011


This new Manga, 'Yukarism' is done by Chika Shiomi, artist of Canon (vampire one), Yurara and Rasetsu (sequal to Yurara and I happen to have all 9 volumes. :P).

He looks way to much like Kuriyu from Rasetsu.

Evident enough that I am a fan of her work, Yukarism is a time-crossing based story where you meet a young 17 year old Edo Novelist named Yukari. Though his works are not of talent but from his 'heart' and hazy reoccuring memories, which date way back to the Edo period, that he was born with. One day, he meets a girl who he has never met in the present but from his 'past life' and from there, his memories become more clearer.... and so goes on the story.

I really am enjoying it and I'd really sugest it!

More info:

Friday, August 26, 2011

In My World - Ao No Excorcist OP2

YESSSSSS! The op single for Ao no excorcist op 2 is out now!

The download is found on this website:

Direct download:
The Ed single, 'Wired Life' by Meisa Kuroki, will be realeased at the end of August.


Drawing! - Chibi colouring

I'm not too good at doing CG but am slowly getting it with each time I do it. I find using Flash is easy for me as I started out doing it in Flash, after having bought this 'How to draw Manga : Macromedia Flash Techniques'. I started out maybe 4 years ago but haven't budged to do it often.

These are some coloured chibi examples, and I've used Hibari again.

Did this one purely by hand and in Photoshop! (Gotta remember to do things on layers!!!)

Hibari (KHR) done by hand in Flash.

I'm still trying my best! DX!!!

Other drawings of mine done in Flash can be seen here.

Drawing! - Chibi pt2

I've still been at it, trying to perfect my chibi drawing skills whenever I get a chance.
It seems like I'am improving but I've still got some ways to go.

I've still been using Hibari from KHR as a guinea pig.

This was a random one. Concept is motorcyclists with light riding gear.

These particular three portray me and some close friends from college. The original is drawn in one of the B'day cards I gave to one of my friends.

Can't wait to see how much more I've improved. : D

Drawing! pt.10.5

Random drawing. Did it in red pen.

I just like the way I drew the position of the head. it's hard to draw heads like this that sit past the 3/4 view.

Drawing! pt.10

Man, it sure has been a while since my last uploaded post. I'm sorta back at uni now so my workload is piling up. I will still try my best to upload as many posts as I can.

Time being, enjoy this drawing. I sorta folded the paper in half on an angle and then drew on each half. The pic shows the 2 pics together. Concept is the idea of 'reflection'. Basically two characters, same person, only one is a charcteristic of an outer look while there character as the soul that inhabits the outer body.

I'm very bad when it comes to describing, Sorry! : )

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Hunt For Macarons is ON!!!! - Sydney's Baroque Bistro

The Baroque Bistro is a Restaurant + Cafe and Patisserie located in Circular Quay in Sydney. I saw an 'article' on this when I spent one Saturday afternoon (many many months ago) watching Sydney Weekender on Prime 7.

They served up Macarons but what they also served up were classes as to how to make them. That's when I became very interested. So, when I got on a break from  uni, I went up to Sydney to visit relatives and this place.

I spent the day with a cousin and we searched high and low. Lots of walking but we rejuvinated our energy with 4 slices of pizza each. It took us a little while and it was worth it.

When we stepped into the store, it was sure busy since it was popular but man the meals looked pricy. Though the Macarons didn't hurt the wallet so much with each piece sitting at $2.50 per piece. As for the Macaron class, it costs about $220 per person (includes a lunch and the ingredients plus lesson) (prices from 11/12/2010 according to Sydney Weekender).

Passion fruit (left) and Jasmin tea (right)

Alongside the Macarons behind the counter were these other cakes that look so irrisistable and very fancy too, selling at $12 per serve.

After our lunch and stroll to burn it off, we had the Macarons for dessert while taking in the westernish scenery and exploring the interesting stalls held near the Baroque Bistro.

Located in Circular Quay on The Rocks, 88 George st.

More Macarons 2

I don't remember if I posted up the fact that Bean in the City has started to get their macarons from the Flute?

Anyways, bought some and they always taste good! These ones are blueberry (bluey purple one) and pistachio.

These ones have a fuller inbodyment of almond meal but to get them this perfect leaves me to guess that the Italian meringue method is used. I make mine using the French method.

My phototaking skills are getting a bit better.

More Macarons

I'm just crazy about them.
These ones I made somewhere in July. They are pandan with passionfruit white choc ganauche.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wired Life - Meisa Kuroki

Yes! Can't wait for her single to be released at the end of this month.

I like this song and it is used for the 2nd ed to Aoi no excorcist. This is the PV to it. Enjoy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Drawing! - Trying a perspective

Drawing from a certain angle is really difficult so when I base my drawings on a perspective point of view, it takes me twice the length of time to finish the pic off.

This pic here depicts an angle of looking down from a high place.

I sorta roughly and quickly drew this pic whilst listening to 'Circus no yoru ni' by Megurine Luka and it depicts a girl looking up at a passing balloon.

'Circus no yoru ni' - Enjoy the mp3. (translate page first to find the download link)

Drawing! pt.9

This drawing was done yesturday on an outing with a friend, when we just sorta gave up walking around and decided to sit down. I finished it in 30min.

Drawing! - Chibi

Eversince the SMASH anime con, I've been motivated to draw and perfect a chibi drawing style.

Chibi ver. of Chrome is my fav so far.

I'm still trying but these are some examples I've come up with so far. I've sorta made Hibari the model.

Sacred 7 - OP and ED

Way to start August.

Anyways, the Op and Ed to Sacred seven was released 2 days ago. Finally found links to download the singles, which is:
Op -

Searching for it 2 days ago, I sorta found out that the op was released all the way back in May, which I thought was a bit odd but yeah, Enjoy.